It was the city of Porto that gave birth to the name of Portugal, when it was called Portus Cale.

Porto is known worldwide for Port Wine.

The historical center is classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO and has several monuments, especially the Cathedral, S. Bento Station and Clerigos Tower.

The river of Vila Nova de Gaia, for many centuries, was a river port, where several goods were exported, with special emphasis on the Port Wine, and where the Port Wine Cellars are located.

The Douro region is a World Heritage Site, where the Douro River and its tributaries have created a landscape of wild and mysterious beauty.

The steep slopes waited for the intervention of the man, who introduced the vineyard's cultivation on grand terraces to produce the famous Port Wine.

This is one of the oldest wine regions in the world, with innumerable farms, where you can participate in winemaking and wine tastings.

The region Trás-os-Montes, in autumn and winter, the territory is transfigured and assumes the characteristics that identify it, where the people revive the traditions of the villages.

It has a magnificent gastronomy where the veal and game, the smoked meat, the chestnuts and the mushrooms are ingredients in the making of several dishes to be delighted in conviviality with family and friends in the comfort of the fireplace.

In winter, the rivers gain a new life and it snows in the zones of greater altitude.